Керамический пленэр проходит на одном из самых живописных мест Ольхона: рядом с самым большим песчаным пляжем Сарайского залива и буквально в 400-стах метрах от самого знаменитого священного места – мыса Бурхан (Шаман)

International Art Ceramics Workshop «Baikal-CeraMystica». 3rd season.


Project organizers: 

  • «Creative Union of Artistic Ceramists».
  • Eroshenko Tatyana Aleksandrovna, ceramists, member of Union of Artists of Russia, project directot and artist.
  • Purtyan Sergey Pavlovich, technical project director.
  • Los Lidia Arkadyevna, ceramists, project coordinator.
  • Ermakov Pavel, ceramist, technical project assistant.


Supported by: 

  • Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation;
  • Ministry of Culture and the archives of Irkutsk region;


Project partners: 

  • «Social and environmental expedition InterBaikal» website «Baikal region» - www.pribaikal.ru;
  • Publisher «Time of journey», Irkutsk;
  • Ceramic and pottery studio "Terracotta elephant", Irkutsk;
  • Center of riding sports, Listvyanka;
  • «Keramistam.ru», St. Peterburg;
  • Belikov place, Huzhir;
  • New museum centre «Art-House», Irkutsk.


Information support: 

  • «Social and environmental expedition InterBaikal» website «Baikal region» - www.pribaikal.ru;
  • Publisher «Time of journey», Irkutsk;
  • Vesti-Irkutsk;
  • Komsomolskaya Pravda.


Goals and objectives of the international art project «Baikal- CeraMystica»: 

  • To create a platform where ceramists can execute their creative opportunities;
  • Creation of highly articstic ceramic products;
  • Search and implementation of new technologies in the ceramic art;
  • Application and rethinking of the traditional ceramic craft technologies to create a contemporary art collection of ceramics;
  • An introduction to the universal practice of ceramic art workshops;
  • Development and strengthening of interethnic and international cooperation;
  • Cultural, ideological, professional and creative exchange between artists from different ceramics schools;
  • Formation of social and cultural interest in the city of Irkutsk and Baikal region. Popularization of Lake Baikal through creativity of leading Russian artists-ceramists;
  • Publication of the project results in the media, to attract a wider audience to contemporary art ceramics;
  • Сreative potential development, expanding the boundaries of possibilities, obtaining new skills;
  • Contribution to the development of ecological forms of event tourism in the Baikal region;
  • Creating a museum of contemporary ceramics in the territory of Irkutsk or Irkutsk region.


The main project activities.

1. Ceramics workshop on Lake Baikal, on Olkhon Island, Huzhir village, Irkutsk Region, which includes: 

  • Making art ceramic works on a prepared mobile platform;
  • Master classes on pottery techniques, ceramics decoration and firing techniques held by the participants;
  • Introduction of participants to the culture, traditions, philosophy and lifestyle of people of Baikal region;
  • Exhibition of the results at the end of the workshop in Huzhir village for residents and visitors. The part of the exhibition – art works souvenirs fair, brought along by the participants;


2. 2-day exhibition of the workshop results in a museum studio of Irkutsk Regional Museum. 

  • Award ceremony for the participants. The jury work. Award of the disstinguished works. Selecting works for the project fund.
  • Introducing project participants with the history of Irkutsk city and Irkutsk region.. Tour of the historic Irkutsk;
  • Tour to Listvyanka;


3. Mobile exhibition of project fund's ceramic works, done during previouse 2012, 2013 years and current 2014; 

  • Irkutsk, studio museum of Irkutsk Regional Museum. July-August 2014;
  • Irkutsk, Irkutsk Regional Library Molchanova-Sibirskogo, October 2014;
  • Angarsk, watch museum, November 2014;
  • Sayansk, Sayansk painting gallery. December 2014.


4. Publication of the catalog on the results of the workshop.



Conditions to participate in the workshop: 

  • The participants are professional artists from Russia and abroad countries, who work in the field of «artistic ceramic» (8 people – Russia, 8 people - foreigners), 2 last year students of Art University, specialty «ceramics» are participating in the workshop, paying for the living expenses and food. Also, there are art specialists invited from Russia and abroad countries, who take the part in the jury and write articles for the catalog of the results of the workshop and project website;
  • Artists who want to participate are to pass the competition.
  • Project participants can perform art works at their discretion; the main subject is Lake Baikal, the impressions of Lake Baikal, mythology and nature of Lake Baikal.
  • Participants work on a mobile platform in large tents. For each participant there is 20 kg of clay, glaze, a bit of space to work – about 1 m2 of table surface, a chair. For everybody – a mutual table for drying and putting glaze. Complaints from the project participants to the working conditions are not accepted.
  • The participants are welcome to bring along with them their instruments, brushes and any specific glazes, without which it’s impossible to work;
  • Creative platform offers electric muffle furnaces for firing, gas furnaces for raku-firing and reduction firing;
  • The size of the works is limited to the quantity of clay, modeling time, mobile furnaces sizes.
  • The workshop participant will be awarded with Diploma of participation. Some works, depending on the jury, will be awarded with Diplomas of laureates. The jury consists of invited Russian and foreign art specialists, professional Russian artists.
  • One or more works of each participant will be given to the project fund. The jury makes the choice. These works in the future will participate in exhibitions planned by the project or other exhibitions, held by the Union of Artists of Russia and «Creative Union of Artistic Ceramists», as well as will be included in the future fund of Museum of contemporary ceramics.
  • Also, the participant has to bring along a VIP-souvenir for the fund, or make it at the place;
  • The project participants conduct free of charge master classes for other participants in modeling and decorating ceramics, demonstrate video or photo presentation about their art and, if desired, about any other topics and fields of contemporary ceramics;
  • During the workshop, the participants help organizers with organization of work places, firing, and other organizational matters.
  • During the workshop and exhibition at Huzhir it is possible to sell art works souvenirs; you can bring with you your works for sale as well;
  • It is not permitted to take back your art works until the end of the final exhibition! (until July 5th, 6 P.M)


Workshop competition:

To participate in the workshop you have to fill out the appliction form and send it together with your portfolio (8-10 photos) to e-mail address: BaikalCeramistika@gmail.com.

If you have any questions, you can send them to the same e-mail address.

Application deadline – April 27th, 2014.

April 28th: competition among the applicants. проведение конкурса среди претендентов на участие по представленным работам. Competition is conducted by independent experrts: ceramists, members of the Union of Artists of Russia and art specialists. Project organizers are ought to send you the results via email by April 30th, 2014. 


Organizers provide:

1. For professional foreign and Russian artists is provided:

  • A trip to the workshop place and back;
  • Accommodation for 14 days on the territory of the camp. Rooms – triple bedroom, without amenities. Shower and toilet – outside in the camp site. Shower is payable by each participant separately and independently;
  • Meal is 2 times a day (breakfast, dinner);
  • Work materials: clay for raku-firing (20 kg), glaze ((whole palette);
  • 1 day trip to Olkhon Island;
  • Accomodation in Irkutsk city for 3 days during the final exhibition held in Irkutsk Technical University;
  • Walking tour of the historic Irkutsk;
  • Bus tour to Listvyanka. Visiting the Baikal seals aquarium.


2. For students provided:

All stated above, except for the accomodation and meals at the camp.

Accomodation is in triple bedrooms without amenities – 400 Rub. per person per day (14 days);

Meals: breakfast – 200 Rub.

dinner – 300 Rub.

It is also possible to live in the tents on the territory of the camp (150 Rub. per person, including shower). Tents can be provided. Meals – on the camp site.

Costs for the project particiants:

Organization fee: 3 000 Rub.;

Shower - 50 Rub. per visit. There is also Russain sauna available;

Lunch on the camp site (depending on the quantity of meals) – 250 to 400 Rub. You can also have meals in cafes or buy products at grocery shops;

Accomodations and meals in Irkutsk city before the project start.;

Meals in Irkutsk after the workshop;

Other tours on Olkhon Island are available upon request.

You can bring your family member s with you on your own expense. You have to notify the organizers to book the seats in the bus, in the camp and in the hotel.

Implemintation timeline of international art ceramic workshop «Baikal-KeraMistika» 3rd season.

June 19th at 9.00 - departure to Huzhir village from Irkuts at the train station;

June 19th-July 3rd – the ceramics workshop on Lake Baikal;

July 2nd – exhibition of the workshop results in Huzhir at the workshop place, a fair;

July 3rd - departure and art works moving to Irkutsk;

July 4th – The workshop final results exhibition in the studio museum of Irkutsk Regional Museum. Awarding of winners and participants, the selection of works for the project fund. During the exhibition - tour of the historic Irkutsk. Gala dinner.

July 5th untill 6 P.M. – workshop results exhibition. During the exhibition work – a tour to Listvyanka, visiting the Baikal seals aquarium.

July 6th evening and July 7th – participants departure. Those who wish to stay longer on their own expense, please inform ahead to book the hotel.

From July 7th – the beginning of mobile project fund artistic ceramics exhibition.

Please be advised to bring warm clothes: a warm jacket, pants, a sweater, a hat, a rain coat and closed shoes.

Contact us

Tatiana Eroshenko: arteroshenko@yandex.ru